lb7 duramax bad injector symptoms Feb 27 2019 May include one or all and not limited to Low power poor shifting quality excessive smoke engine limp mode reduced mpg. A third issue arises from the fuel filter itself. May 28 2011 LB7 as well. Common Issues Injectors for 6. Duramax injector problems symptoms 39 06 Ford 6. Hard starting. Hope this helps Lbz duramax bad ecm Lbz duramax bad ecm Oct 08 2010 Injectors are within spec at idle truck warm in park. I 39 ve read where a few people say they have used some CAT injector cup sealer also. It will only be a matter of time when this ball seat starts to erode and will never be able to work properly. 6 Duramax Tech Articles Duramax 6. Part 0445 120 008. One thing the 01 04 LB7 Duramax is notorious for is injector failure. Low or no supply pressure. Usually a bad or failing fuel rail sensor will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver to a potential issue. Benji Jerew Flickr CC BY 2. Injectors can fail long before this mark or may last many miles past before needing to be replaced. Some aftermarket filters are not up to the specification that is needed to keep the fuel flowing to the injectors clean. It is a compressor that is installed on the exhaust side of the vehicle. Achieve the perfect fuel delivery and power for your aftermarket tuned or stock Duramax engine with these LML fuel injectors. 00 1 359. How to Know if You Have Bad Duramax Head Gaskets and What To Do About It LML 6. printable crossword puzzles. Anything less will almost certainly result in short term issues with the remaining units. When your injectors fire and spray all that fuel into your cylinders the energy expelled on your pistons is massive and Fuel injector symptoms for bad faulty dirty clogged or leaking injectors are Starting issues Poor idle Failed emissions Poor Performance Engine does not reach full RPM Increased fuel consumption Rough engine performance Surging and bucking under various throttle loads Smoke from the tail pipe Oct 05 2020 The largest symptom of a pushed injector cup is coolant system pressurization usually resulting in quot coolant puking quot from the coolant reservoir after hard acceleration runs. What are some of the symptoms of a failing injector pump I have been experiencing what seems like a dead cylinder seems to be getting worse like 2 dead cylinders now . Industrial Injection turbocharger technicians who have combined 100 years of experience have access to top of the line machines and equipment. Apr 22 2019 New Turbos for 2004 Chevrolet 6. Dec 05 2009 LB7 motors are known for injectors thats why they extended the warranty on them but I cant remember how long it was extended it may be to 100 000 miles. Symptoms can include either a slow loss of coolant or allow the cooling system to build excessive pressure. i have been told by techs it could be turbo injectors injector control module runs very good outherwis read more Additionally the LB7 injector was easily 10 times faster than its conventional counterparts the response time from when the injection control module energized the injector to when it began delivering fuel was an incredible 150 millionths of a second and it was capable of two injection events per cycle. 6. 155cc of fuel paired with either a stock or 30 injector nozzle. Mine was so bad the thing moved like an inch inch and a half If your engine is the LLY there have only been a few injector problems campared to the LB7 but lots of connector problems Dealer also plays a part in the injector warranty on whether or not how willing they are to do it. i figured the odd shift patterns were a lack of power related thing do to the possibility of bad injectors Chevy GMC Duramax 01 04 LB7 How to tell if injectors are going out If my injectors are not performing properly what are all the signs to look for I haven 39 t had any leaking coolant no fuel in oil that I can see no weird changes in oil nbsp Symptoms of bad injectors on these would be engine over heating loud knocking noise should sound like a you dont have the lb7 motor which was known to have all the injector problems im not saying that the injectors are nbsp GMC and Chevy Duramax LB7 6. As an owner or someone in the market for the LB7 what signs do you look for to investigate further into potential head gasket or injector problems 7 Feb 2017 My 03 Duramax is starting to starting to show signs of needing injector replacement. Mar 11 2019 As a former LB7 owner I can tell you that that sign is the death sign of injectors. Installation Tips. 6L GM Duramax LB7 OEM New Fuel Pressure Sensor. The turbocharger is a critical engine part inside the 2004 Chevrolet 6. 6L 2001 2004. 3. May 31 2019 This MAP sensor is mounted directly to the intake manifold but others might be connected by a hose. my lb7 has 213k kms 130k miles on it and i think im finally experiencing what i think are injector or pump issues. Fits 2001 2004 Chevy GMC 2500 3500 HD Duramax LB7. Free Rev Show 1 Free Rev Show 2 We came across common fuel injector issues with a 2001 Chevy Silverado Duramax 6. The larger fleet was the one that had trucks putting on 100 000 a year on. How to clean your duramax lb7 injectors Duration How to replace Duramax fuel injectors Duration 17 40. 9L Dodge CumminsAND2001 2005 Duramax LB7 and LLY REPLACES Miller 9011 GM EN 47589 1This injector block off tool is a 39 must have 39 for anyone who works on Cummins or Duramax common rail fuel systems. The LB7 2001 2004 has gained notoriety for its less than satisfactory fuel injector issues. The LLY 39 s lose a few mpg due to the epa and federal emmisions requirements. Brand New No Core Charge LB7 Injectors These kits come complete with all the newest updates along with all brand new bodies and internals. LB7 Duramax Fuel Injection Line Setfits 2001 2004. A dual CP3 system doubles the fueling capability when running large tunes and bigger injectors. while compression test is done the glow plugs are out. If you have a Injectors It 39 s hard to have a conversation with any LB7 owner without the topic of injector issues coming up. As the engine s rpm increases the turbocharger drives air into the engine thereby increasing the power. There was some new doctor TV series show on the other day that caught my attention when a guy was doing an analogy trying to explain to the new kid at the hospital why the PIA doctor was in charge of the hospital. He is out of warranty and on his own dollar. Lb7 Fuel Pressure Sensor Symptoms Duramax LBZ Diesel Injectors. 5 10 LMM Duramax Powertrain. The TamerX Diesel Fuel Injector Cap Block Off Tool Set for 2001 2005 6. The job pays 16hrs to replace them on top of about 2300 in parts. I just bought a 2001 2500 lb7 first duramax i have ever owned or chevy for that matter left my 7. mustang fuel injector bad symptoms 1999. 5 LB7 Engine VIN code 1. Jan 13 2015 Symptoms Of A Bad Map Sensor And How To Test One Axleaddict. Delayed or No Engagement of the transmission. One symptom of a cracked injector is excessive white smoke coming from the tailpipe which is generally most noticeable at idle especially while sitting in traffic. Occasional white smoke at idle. 6 liter LB7 duramax. My bet would go on the injectors though. Fuel Pressure Sensor effectively measures fuel pressure in the fuel rail alerting both the EVAP system and the fuel system to leaks. sold individually Summary symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor. Another issue might be the high pressure limit valve. A turbocharger can increase the The stock injectors in my LB7 made it to around 160 000 on the stock tune. Repalcement LML injectors as well as full LML injector sets are available online right here at Sinister Diesel. Lbz duramax bad ecm D couvrez MegaDome une solution compl te et polyvalente pour l entreposage sous un seul toit. Yes the LB7 39 s had injector issues but still good motors. Jun 23 2016 The first had 43 duramax the second had 210 when I left. They bounce in and out. 6 Duramax Tech Articles What Exactly Is EFI Live HP Tuners UDC or Other Custom Tuning Free Rev Show . As the first batch of trucks started reaching the 100 000 mile mark it became apparent there were some issues with the new engine and one of the first symptoms exhibited would be a rough idle from the LB7 excessive smoke from the exhaust long cranking times and even fuel diluting the oil in the crank case. Failure of this sort will require you to have all fuel system parts cleaned pump replaced and injectors tested or potentially replaced. Symptoms Of A Bad Egr Cooler. May 10 2017 Look for These Three Symptoms of Lb7 Injector Failure. My aftermarket case study information indicated that the odds of finding a bad fuel injector or a bad FICM module nbsp 18 Apr 2017 There can be a number of signs of fuel injector problems but there are five common indications of damaged or leaking fuel injectors. Unfortunately the best thing to do if you have this problem is to replace the whole set at once. 6 Duramax Tech Articles LLY 6. Whether its a LB7 LLY LBZ LMM whatever. If rust contamination or metal particles are found the fuel system must be nbsp Injector failure on the LB7 Duramax powered trucks is usually caused by either bad fuel or the use of power adders that increase rail pressure. Rest assured InjectorsDirect. 6L V8 CRD and the Jeep 2. Duramaxdiesels. Verify this before replacing any more injectors. Increased Fuel Consumption. Over time these will wear out or be contaminated causing inaccurate pressure control. Knowing these bad fuel injector symptoms can help you avoid larger engine problems. If you ve been down this road before don t be left with a 10 000 bill from the damage it causes leaving metal shavings in the fuel rails destroying injectors and returning to the tank contaminating the entire system Lbz duramax bad ecm. Also make sure you use Loctite 272 or GM cup sealing stuff. 6L LB7 2001 2004 turbo. The Industrial Injection Remanufactured LLY Stock Turbocharger IISCHEVY66Y is a direct replacement for the factory turbo in your 2004. Don 39 t leave any of the power of your Duramax engine untapped. middot Rough engine performance. It gives the injector harness codes. Worn and damaged injectors are often the cause however there are other causes and considerations that should be looked at prior to injector replacement. The owner of this GM Duramax was headed to Montana on vacation with his family and camper trailer in tow. The the only thing reused are the bodies which are also refinished. 6L Duramax LB7 engine. Fuel leaks on a duramax are almost always on the return side of the system the smaller of the two fuel lines traveling down the frame rail going to the fuel cooler and back to the tank. Heavy smoke fuel in oil causing near hydrolock etc. 5L K3500s 39 01 39 02 and 39 05 6. 9 Cummins having the shortest life of all Bosch Common Rail injectors. need lb7 injectors i just bought an o1 duramax about a month ago and i figured out i got a bad injector or two and im not willing to drop 250 per injector so i was wondering if anybody has a set of good injectors for a good price if so PM me plz Duramax Water In Fuel Symptoms It is important to identify them and take care of the problem as quick as possible. fuel injector leak 1998 tahoe. 2001 2007 Duramax 6. Occasional smell of diesel during idle. The 01 04 LB7 duramax had a lot of injector problems with a 7yr 200k warranty on the injectors for certain conditions. That is why it so expensive to have done. Secondly the injector itself was prone to cracking. 6L Chevrolet GMC Duramax LB7 LLY is a toolbox essential for everyone working on common rail fuel systems. Aug 05 2020 The LB7 injectors had two potential design flaws that could cause injector failure. Below are the top 5 symptoms for you to watch out for in case the fuel pressure sensor of your vehicle goes bad. OEM F 00R 004 272 0 281 002 398 97329566. com has all the equipment necessary to clean and accurately test common rail Duramax and Cummins 2001 present including piezo and H. if all checks out the injection pump is dying. Injector hold down bolts 37 lb ft. Check for DTC follow Powertrain Diagnostic Procedures Manual. However unlike gas injectors we can take apart the mechanical ones allowing for a thorough internal investigation. Hey everyone we got this 2002 Duramax today was a really bad noise coming from the engine in a really bad smoke what do you think it 39 s bad with it please fol Sometimes an injector goes bad and pees liquid fuel into the cylinder causing your piston to hit an incompressible volume of fuel during compression cycle. Simplify the search amp quickly find diesel fuel injectors lines tools amp more when you browse our Duramax Fuel System products LB7 01 04 Trucks Javascript is disabled on your browser. All but 1 had very obvoius bad balancers. cummins diesel fuel injector identification. 6L Duramax engine will have more noticeable effects than something A bad or incorrect torque on an injector connector tube missing or damaged chamber gasket low compression or excessive valve lash Fuel leaks on a duramax are almost always on the return side of the system the smaller of the two fuel lines traveling down the frame rail going to the fuel cooler and back to the tank. I have covered some of the most alarming symptoms a dirty leaky or clogged injector would exhibit. 5 2005 2 610. Rough Idle. com. Check injectors remove injection lines and crank engine. cummings 3306 start truck and let idle pop hood reach to the 2 injector drivers side front and wiggle the connector and wires odds are you 39 ll end up with the same code and situation. Lbz duramax bad ecm. There are a few things done to the truck that are explainable but i do not agree with. Fuel Injector Sets New amp Reman TorqueMaster S amp S up to 500 over LBZ GM Duramax 6. Duramax makes a variety of replacement parts and add on parts that give diesel truck drivers the pull they need to drive confidently on the road. cummins isx 7th injector problems. I 39 m thinking it 39 s the cat that 39 s plugged because it 39 s before. Check for power on the supply side. We figured there was a problem but had no idea just how bad it really was. The design of the filter housing is the cause as Duramax does not utilize a pump. you can stare at the exhaust and not see the smoke but if you have a backdrop to look at or you look off to the side you can see the cloud coming out pretty consistently. 5 GM 6. save on labor 2. No matter if you are replacing a Duramax LBZ injector due to natural wear and tear or putting in new injectors to match an aftermarket engine tune you 39 ll find what you are looking for here. The LLY 39 s previous incarnation in the Duramax family of engines the LB7 came about in 2001. 20 Fuel Injector Sets New amp Reman TorqueMaster S amp S up to 500 over LLY GM Duramax 6. 28 Oct 2008 think theres something wrong with my duramax. Since we see many people online searching for quot lb7 injector balance rates quot quot duramax injector balance rates quot quot lbz injector balance going wrong it 39 s common on engines with compression differences of this size and may be mistaken for a bad injector. The newer Duramax injectors are even Jun 30 2019 A turbocharger is one of the most important accessories for your vehicle. For some reason the Cummins seems to have far more issues with injectors going bad and eating a piston or twoDuramax trucks largely don 39 t LB7 sounds like it 39 s still a problem I 39 ve yet to hear of a 6. The CP3 pump regulator controls the fuel pressure that is being sent to the injector fuel rails and the injectors themselves. 6L Duramax Diesel RPO LB7 VIN Code 1 engine may experience vehicle service engine soon SES light illumination low engine power hard start and or fuel in crankcase requiring injector replacement as a result of high fuel return rates due to fuel injector body cracks ball seat erosion or high pressure seal extrusion refer to Corporate Bulletin May 27 2020 Common Bad Fuel Pressure Sensor Symptoms If there is something wrong with your fuel pressure sensor then there are some easily recognizable symptoms that will become apparent to you. What can I do. The Best selection of Automotive Performance parts shop for diesel vehicles. Piston amp Crankshaft Failure. 2001 2004. When a common rail engine fails to start your first troubleshooting step should be to check fuel rail pressure. LB7 LB7 Trucks came from the factory with a 200K mile 7 year warranty on injectors. You hear this sound best when the vehicle is cold or when sound bounces back to you from another car or wall. Even the most updated and efficient models can have issues so it s important for owners to know when their system needs repair. How to replace Duramax nbsp 16 Dec 2019 If you 39 re big into diesel engines especially the Duramax diesel engines like we are you have probably heard of balance rates. Share your videos with friends family and the world Dec 14 2012 Duramax bad injectors Dirtys House of Diesel joe durty. You probably could have gotten an engine swapped for 1 2 the cost of what the dealer charged you. Description. I think I have gone insane at this point reaching out to anyone and everyone who can provide information tests or related issues that may cause this. Mar 29 2017 General Motors Duramax Diesel LB7 Fuel System Diagnostics Published on March 29 2017 March 29 2017 13 Likes 3 Comments Duramax Egr Valve Symptoms Oct 10 2020 LB7 Platforms. 6L LB7 Duramax Parts 1982 2000 6. The Duramax L5P was introduced for the 2017 model year Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Seirra HD replacing the 6. Lmm Bad Turbo Symptoms Cummins Isx Bad Injector Symptoms Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586. 5 Duramax equipped truck and the extended warranty did save a lot of owners a lot of money on injector replacement. Dec 26 2018 Duramax History Lesson 6 L5P. I have herd that on the lb7 sometimes the wires from the computer to the injectors melts or wears down and the current wont pass follow your wires to see if that is possibly an issue and like he said make sure ur getting fuel Pump filter all that I think I have a prob with my fuel pump. I thought it might be a bad clogged injector. 6l Duramax Diesel are Known to Suffer from These Issues The most common issues 6. The Bug As far as the oil pooling in spark plug valley that would be from a bad cap seal or cracked upper engine PCV hose. 6L Duramax LLY. Sep 29 2020 Summary symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor. Aug 07 2017 Problem 4 Bad Injector Timing Whenever the fuel injector pump s O rings or ball seats are defective the timing of the fuel transfer process is disrupted. Dealer also plays a part in the injector warranty on whether or not how willing they are to do it. It has approx. These symptoms result from the inlet mouthpiece of the Garrett turbocharger having to fit into a smaller engine space. The original injectors The symptoms are constant smoke at idle and gaining fuel in the oil. It will be a week until the new one gets here. grey smoke at idle never smoked before except below Injectors that have a poor cylinder power contribution or a noise or smoke change when canceled will also need to be replaced and are likely to cause low rail pressure during cranking. 2005 LLY Duramax ZF6 6 speed with 220 000 km 135 000 miles . When it did start it blew blueish white smoke at an idle. Windows. I 39 ve had it 8 months and only on my 3rd tank of fuel. This is true on every Duramax from the LB7 in 2001 to the LML in 2016. f250 v 10 injectors size. A little later I had my local mechanic drop in a DSP5 switch and EFI live tunes. Lbz duramax bad ecm A friend of mine used my truck to go get a motor for me for a different project he filled up my truck 04 lb7 ats trans copilot ppe boost valve 4 inch magnaflow afe intake and efi live and headed off. GM routed the fuel injector wiring harnesses very tight on these engines which can result in premature wire fatigue and connector pin failure and or intermittent loose connections at the fuel injector connector. homemade liquid fertilizer injector. Do you like getting bent over Cause that s what happened to you 04. diesel injector tester craigslist. The Lb7 Duramax injectors are the best diesel fuel injectors out there to meet the needs of the diesel fuel injection system that runs most cars and trucks. Aug 27 2018 The system will not build enough rail pressure to start the engine if the injector connector tubes that sit in the injectors are leaking or if the check ball in the injector is leaking. 2007 2010 Duramax 6. Buy LB7 Injector Return Bolts 4. Similar to gas and common rail injectors mechanical diesel fuel injector service begins with a test. install all 8 new 160 and anti sieze the threaded portion. Lb7 engines are notorious for injector and head gasket failures poor GM design on both. Isuzu changed the injector placement to make them much easier to change out but Bosch s newly designed injectors are much less prone to failure. Engine has a very bad vibration rattle at idle which is fuel injection related and does not feel mechanical. Remove IGN 1 relay. When you are shopping for replacement injectors it s best to go with a shop that has experience amp utilizes the latest testing equipment. Jun 21 2013 What causes my Hilux Prado injectors to fail We all know that these common rail injectors are likely to fail at around 120 140 000 km s. 00 283. It s there to protect but should never have to act unless something goes wrong in pressure control. I saw somewhere near 30 broken cranks. com forum 63 gm diesel engines 7 duramax first generation 2001 2004 lb7 576505 proper way check balance rates. 10581 5 Dec 2017 You 39 ve heard about LB7 injectors and how they 39 re prone to failure. Dec 08 2011 Tell you the truth you wont find a bad Duramax motor. A bad or incorrect torque on an injector connector tube missing or damaged chamber gasket low compression or excessive valve lash could all cause a miss. The PPE Diesel Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge Harness 513010100 make installing a PPE Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge into your 2001 2010 GM Duramax LB7 LLY LBZ LMM or 2003 2017 Dodge 5. THREE BAD Injector 39 s sounds a bit silly to me. The vehicle was taken to a shop for diagnosis. May 21 2013 heres a fix for the 01 04 trucks with LB7 shave the heads 10 100 of an inch problem solved with injectors blowing all the time Re Signs of bad injectors Apr 25 2016 5 21pm Duramax Injector Failures Cause and Prevention LB7 Many LB7 owners have had injector issues. This is a common diesel fuel injector pump glitch and usually requires a complete injection pump rebuild or replacement. 165000 miles on original i How to Know if You Have Bad Duramax Head Gaskets and What To Do About It LML 6. some symptoms are knocking rough idle gray white smoke at idle hard starting diesel in oil etc. His crew replaced my 6 port injectors with 7 port injectors last year and my truck thinks it is a beast now. New symptoms When the truck is warm it smokes blue at idle it alternates between puffing a decent quantity of smoke and sometimes nothing. LB7 injectors are also prone to leak on the return side. 2004 Trucks. SEL service engine light message that reads something like quot shift range inhibited quot . These valves are known to go bad and open prematurely causing a quot fuel rail PSI low quot problem. A cracked filter housing will have similar symptoms. 6L LB7 Duramax Fuel Injector Superkit Sale 1 319. Duramax LML Diesel Injectors. Blowing coolant intermittent heat and the such. Black smoke and turbo position sensor codes are other common symptoms. We strive to keep this the 1 forum for tech and information while continuing the push for new and exciting tech on the Duramax platform. The ECM uses MAP sensor data to run crucial calculations such as engine load fuel injector pulse and spark advance. Mechanic 39 s Assistant Are you fixing your Silverado yourself What have you tried so far I have it in a local shop . Matt S L5p Info Dump Page 81 Chevy And Gmc Duramax Duramax LBZ Diesel Injectors. Duramax LB7 Injector Failure Explained Diesel Insights LB7 owners are probably aware of the need to keep an eye on their truck 39 s injectors. The pcm grounds the injector and commands it to fire by the quad driver in the pcm. INJECTORS STUCK OPEN OR WITH EXCESSIVELY LEAKING NOZZLES DIANOSIS 1. Place it out of the way. This was good news to those owning 2001 2004. Knowing the LB7 has limits on a stock bottom end I ordered some overpriced over stock injectors with a matching injector pump. Let 39 s talk about some fuel injectors bad symptoms or signs of bad fuel injectors that indicates an issue with your car fuel injector system. Perform a fuel system inspection prior to installation of replacement injectors. they have put all new injectors injector cups and lines on it so far and now they are saying it could be caused by pitting in the heads around the injector cups This is the pressure relief valve located in the driver 39 s side fuel rail on the 2004. The design and labor costs dictate a complete set replacement in most cases. It doesn 39 t seem to be get better when warmed up either. If you have fuel in the oil or if you have oil fuel pouring out of the PCV tube. 2001 Duramax LB7 3500 Dually injector smoke. 50 off the 1200 Core Charge Looking for the absolute best replacement injector for your LB7 Duramax Dmaxstore has you covered at an amazing price. The LB7 engine is designed for use by heavy duty pickups. 6L Duramax with the ATS 7018004248 Twin Fueler Installation Kit. Did injector harness fix replaced all harness 39 s replaced 4 injectors that showed bad balance rates replaced the FICM. Injector replacement on the LB7 truck is rather labor intensive and just changing one is usually not worth the risk for the labor costs. At this point we disassemble and inspect the mechanical injector looking for wear reusable parts and which parts need Stock Injector Duramax 6. Jun 15 2010 i have a 2002 gmc 2500hd with duramax 6. Not sure of the manufacturer make but they are bad to the bone with the additional 15 fuel each pulse. middot Pollution middot Higher fuel consumption. The following are some of the most common problems that shops notice when servicing this type of injector system. Most times you will get the syptoms you have. Also those rates are not that bad. Add a dual CP3 fuel system to your 2001 GM 6. This is usually and early symptom and is the first thing that will get your attention. Check or change CP3 or CP4 injection pump. With a tool like the G2 you can see which injectors are causing the problem and replace only the ones that are bad. It is common to have an uneven idle or a loping idle. Truck is an 03 with 88 000. It is an issue that has an array of different degrees but can leave you stranded on the side of the road if not recognized and dealt with. 0 hour of labor. Driver actions such as idling jackrabbit starts and carrying extra weight in the car are often the culprit for ongoing poor gas mileage. If you pick up bad fuel somewhere especially if your fuel filter has been on for longer than the specified fuel filter fuel injectors on LLY and newer engines will generally survive just fine if it is shut down when the symptoms become manifest. Can anyone describe the symptoms of this problem t read more Aug 05 2012 A bad CP3 will usually not hold rail pressure under load whereas bad injectors will not hold pressure at idle or on a big tune . As far as the front ends go I put more money into Ford and Dodge front ends than I ever do in a GM. How is Chevy handling this now. Still nothing. The Cummins 5. What engine is compatible with Duramax fuel injector parts Duramax makes a V8 diesel engine created by General Motors. Nov 24 2018 Leaking Injectors LB7. 6 Duramax came from the factory sans lift pump. Proper fuel injector cleaning techniques can restore your injectors to function like new at a fraction of the cost of new fuel injectors. middot Poor idling performance. 3 . This is about as bad as it can get but the pumps are parts that do nbsp 20 Nov 2017 The owner of this GM Duramax was headed to Montana on vacation with his family and camper trailer in tow. Keep in mind we went through somewhere near 600 trucks for that between the 2 fleets. Brand New Bosch LB7 Injectors No Core Charge Full Set of 8. Dec 19 2013 Change your coolant overflow tank cap. Faulty Fuel Injectors. Read Before Installing This Injector. Bad injector just some short clips before we swap them for 30 over replacement tips. 2001 2004 LB7 Duramax CP3 Pump Regulator. Usually if your car is having fuel injector issues it will present you with signs and symptoms to show that nbsp Seafoam and every other additive made I mean every single one they all failed in spades. 9L Dodge Cummins Fuel Injector Master Kit Sale 1 598. The truck a 2004 Chevy with a fueled and hot LB7 Duramax engine was a little harder to start than usual. Haloing of the oil on paper towel. When a Duramax engine fails to start your first troubleshooting step should be to check fuel rail pressure. Jun 25 2009 LB7 Duramax P1093 P1094 Help pinpoint issue please Be prepared for wall of text. And always have been in stock. Something you should know about your diesel truck specifically the CP4 Injection pump and the potential catastrophic damage that may be happening or already happened. I think ppl say 4 in park and 6 in 1. Prior to purchasing a new 2004 Chevrolet 6. 00 PRODUCT CODE 2034 This sensor is a common weak point on the Duramax engines. The fuel takes the same path from the tank through a filter and into the injection pump except now the CP3 is responsible for sucking fuel from the tank. This is something you might not see or notice unless you are towing alot. Lly duramax ficm fuse location Duramax Camshaft Position Sensor Symptoms Failing injectors will often leak fuel into the crankcase resulting in elevated oil levels and even leaks that appear to be from the rear main seal. Aug 17 2015 Symptoms of Fuel pressure Limp P0087 P0193 P0088 P0089 Any of these will put the engine in reduced power. Duramax Injector. The TamerX Diesel Fuel Injector Cap Block Off Tool Set for 6. As the fuel filter plugs up the flow of fuel is restricted. It 39 s a big job it 39 s important to diagnose correctly Symptoms Hazey smokey idle that smells like fuel especially bad when the truck is Sep 24 2020 Injector replacements are very expensive and a tune and lift pump are great reliability mods even if you end up having to replace injectors anyways. As mentioned earlier a typical cooling system operates at about 8 10 psi when the engine is at operating temperature. 6L Duramax Diesel Fuel Injector Control Module FICM Repair amp Return Process The Repair and return process is pretty simple and helps you avoid paying the high cost of a new ECU through your dealer. It can make one heck of a knock. These include a 3 year 100k mile warranty. Full Force Injectors will fix any symptoms associated with bad injectors like poor idle missing hard starting and white smoke. Dec 23 2012 About us. 0. 6L 2001 2004 310. Most modern I look like such a planet killer when I The symptoms are constant smoke at idle and gaining fuel in the oil. 6L LB7. These trucks have several monikers LLY LMM LBZ etc but are all fairly similar in design. I would say it sounds like a dead cylinder not just an occasional miss. I. 6L LB7 Duramax engine is white smoke at idle. Oct 11 2016 I have a 2004 GMC Sierra pickup with the Duramax diesel engine in it. The original injectors that came in these trucks had all sorts of issues with cracking. 6L 2004. 00 139. 7. These issues tend to be VERY expensive. Some customers of 2001 04 model year Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra 2003 04 Chevrolet Kodiak and GMC TopKick vehicles equipped with a 6. 5 2007 Classic 2007 New 2010 2011 Current Engine Production Code LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML 8th Digit of VIN 1 2 D 6 8 Operating Protocol SAE J1850 SAE J1850 CAN CAN CAN Configuration V8 90 degree V8 90 degree V8 90 degree V8 90 degree V8 90 degree Dec 20 2007 The LB7 2001 2004 models have experienced a few problems with head gaskets or injector cup seal leaks in recent years. The turbo supplies the diesel engine with more horsepower plus better overall efficiency. These injector s are as close to new as you can get while still being a reman and have 100 new parts. It had a slight miss on acceleration but once the engine warmed up it seemed to run fine. The first has to do with the internal ball seat inside the injector which would erode and deteriorate from normal wear and tear which would then cause the injector to leak. 6 Duramax LB7 LLY LMM pick up. bosch injector exploded. Unfortunately the You will usually get a diagnostic trouble code for the cooler when they go bad. 0L Powerstroke tow power injectors. Fuel is leaking into the combustion chamber which cannot be controlled by the engine s ECU. Aug 18 2020 Hitting Chevy and GMC trucks starting in 2004 the LLY Duramax is the 2nd version of the 6. if you have a bad injector it will most likely wash the cylinders down lowering compression. 00 1 229. 6l Duramax Diesel Suffer From As previously mentioned injector failure was a particular problem with models manufactured between 2001 and 2004. 8L CRD DESCRIPTION A radial 3 piston pump with a gearotor pump attached to the back is used as the high pressure pump for common rail fuel pressure generation in this system it is capable of pressures between 300 1600 bar 4351 23206 psi . 6 diesel it smokes at idle but at hwy speed seems normal. White smoke is coming out when the engine is warmed up and idling. They came out in 2004 with the LLY motor about mid year and called it the 2004. A long block 2. The TamerX Diesel Fuel Injector Cap Block Off Tool for 2001 2005 6. A known nbsp 17 Oct 2013 buddies truck now is showing signs of bad injectors 11mpg lope idle white smoke raw fuel smell and overfull dipstick with smell of fuel. middot Symptoms middot Hazey smokey idle that nbsp 18 Oct 2018 At the time of its introduction in 2001 the LB7 Duramax was considered the most advanced diesel engine to be used by any to increase there are two main points an LB7 owner should prepare for blown head gaskets and bad injectors. The engine oil could start being diluted by excessive amounts of fuel seeping past the piston rings to diagnose this. It runs fine doesn 39 t quot make oil quot but Has anyone pinpointed the actual cause for LB7 injectors going bad I have heard the CAT remote filter nbsp Smoke check the exhaust for any smoke coming out not all smokes are bad but white smoke is bad could imply many different problems some very expensive. Furthermore OEM fuel injectors are readily available at Rockauto. 5 and they had injector issues also but not nearly as bad early 2004 trucks still had the LB7 motor. It only runs like crisp every now and then though now. When it fails the engine computer is no longer able to keep track of the position of the variable geometry turbo. Buy premium Duramax Bosch LB7 injectors from Accurate Diesel 2001 2004 Chevy GMC Duramax Diesel with LB7 Engine tightened return banjo connections and in rare cases a bad CP3 pump can also cause the same symptom. middot Smoke coming out of nbsp 13 Jul 2015 Bad Injectors middot Injector failures are most common on LB7 trucks but still present on newer models. Oct 31 2012 Once you have them installed you need to install your injectors and torque the hold down bolt. 6L Duramax LB7. 7L Ford Powerstroke LML LGH Duramax Injector Return Line Splice Fits 2011 2020 6. LB7 dilution problems that occur after you have replaced the injectors could be return line leaks under the valve cover or leaks at the injector line to injector connection. 5 2006 2006. Long Term Identify the cause of the low high fuel pressure. some symptoms are knocking rough idle gray white nbsp 15 Mar 2010 The LB7 Duramax diesel fuel system was the first time we saw Bosch common rail high pressure diesel injection in a North American product. Symptoms of a bad NSBU switch No Start condition Sets DIC codes MAY suggest the NSBU as the cause P0700 P0708 P0847 P0872 P0875 P1711 and P1713. 0L Ford Powerstroke Fuel Injector Sale 179. A common issue with the GM 6. Bad injectors or cups will sometimes have hard start conditions but there will be other symptoms as well. PRNDL display may not show up or flash. 6L Duramax LB7 turbo though there are some points you should understand. Sometimes it runs fine other times other times it runs like crap. And injector return rate test is the ONLY test that will tell you which needs to be done. May 25 2013 It 39 s on a lly. Trusted manufacturers top brands low prices and free shipping over 49 Call 866 255 7212 Lly duramax ficm fuse location. 7 Powerstroke popping pistons or a VW. I believe the fuel injectors are going bad. Unfortunately after three sets I can tell you that there is no magic bullet for injectors on the LB7 Duramax. Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve 39 AxleAddict https axleaddict. Fuel Injectors. 95. 95 PRODUCT CODE 1386 6. On duramaxes very seldom will you burn coolant or get water in the oil with a blown head gasket. INJECTORS BAD 1. Stripped allen head return banjo bolts may not torque or seal properly. Lbz duramax bad ecm Lbz duramax bad ecm When the bad injector is blocked off the fuel pressure at the rail will increase and your engine will start. The system is not only designed to work in conjunction with the factory CP3 but it also maximizes the system. 00 You Recently Viewed 7. 00. Jun 15 2010 The LB7 and the LLY Duramax engines used an intermediary module called the Fuel Injection Control Module or FICM to actuate the fuel injectors. Symptoms of a failing injector are a loud knock that is audible with the windows down. Free Rev Show 1 Free Rev Show 2 Have 02 Duramax. 3 for something different. The engine was overheating had a rough idle and suffered from poor acceleration. Dec 15 2011 Im not sure if I had bad fuel or water in the fuel I have a 2005 duramax I did the cat adapter on it when I did my head gaskets and y bridge but I went to Missouri to pick up a car for a buddy of mine and we made it down there no problems and topped off truck which was at half and drove aways stopped for food and like 20 miles after the food Duramax Injector Failures Cause and Prevention LB7 Many LB7 owners have had injector issues. This injector comes with the injection line all of the o rings and the tip copper ready to install. Low fuel rail pressure is a very common issue we see on Duramax trucks. A properly functioning MAF sensor is vital for an engine to run efficiently. Injector return line bolts 106 inch lbs. A faulty fuel rail sensor may send an inaccurate signal to the computer which may cause the engine to experience hard LB7 Duramax injector problems are also common with internal cracking of the body and the rusting of the inner ball seat. 9L CRD uses the Bosch CP3 injection pump used also on the DMax 6. 4 May 2020 97780144 GM DURAMAX COMMON RAIL INJECTOR REMANUFACTURED https tinyurl. Smoked very badly at idle again at 185 k. 5 2005 GM 6. Poor shift quality or refusal to shift at full throttle. call of juarez injector de. After picking up the motor he got about 5 miles away and the truck died at a stop lite and Duramax Engine Quick Facts Years of Production 2001 2004 2004. middot Failed emissions. This valve often referred to as FPRV is located in the rear of the driver s side fuel rail on the LLY LBZ and LMM and is buried in the valley on the LB7 and functions much like the Temp and Pressure valve on your water heater. Now at 220 000 have had 4 fail dealer says that for 4 injectors and a fuel filter cost 2700 Some people say that GM will warranty the injectors dealer says quot no way quot . Only code set is for the number 6 glow plug which is presumably burnt out. The two primary failure points of the factory injectors are internal cracking of the injector body itself and corrosion induced failure of the internal ball seat. 182 000 miles on it. In 2004 GM switched from the LB7 model Duramax to the LLY model Duramax. Nothing a stock LB7 shouldn 39 t handle. When a common rail engine will not start the very first thing to check is fuel rail pressure. Because of this common issue GM had to fix the problem by offering a better design as well as extending the warranty mileage now sitting at 200 000 miles or 7 years. If the pcm continually grounds the other side the injector will be on all the time. Thanks Jason. Nos mod les d ing nierie novatrice conviennent aux secteurs agricole industriel et municipal. Its purpose is to enhance the engine horsepower. but the BRates Changing injectors in LB7 Duramax is quite a labor intensive task and since they have a tendency to break a lot it is wise to invest in a quality injector. In some situations it can be useful to have multiple block off tools because multiple diesel injectors returning a small amount of diesel fuel will display the same symptoms as an individual diesel injector returning an excessive 7 If a body is cracked the injector is bad are there other reasons for having to replace an injector There are components in the injectors that wear over time with the LB7 Duramax and 5. With these performance optimizations the correct injector size for your application can give you the best performance for in a wide variety of situations. Seems excessive to me and just not right. middot Inability of the engine to reach full RPM. Balance rates are a test that CAN help you find a bad one but are not the definitive answer to which may or may not be bad. 6 LB7 Tech Articles LBZ 6. Truck has 173K miles and I don 39 t know when or if the injectors were done on it before I got it. Duramax Diesel Common Problems Blown Head Gaskets Bad Fuel Injectors amp More. Duramax bad ecm symptoms. Depending on which position the turbo vanes are stuck in you may experience low power either at the low or high end of the RPM range. 7L Powerstroke 2011 2016 Duramax When a fitting breaks or the injector return line is damaged GM and Ford offer the same solution replace the entire return harness which in both cases lists for around 200 and with installation can run as high as 1300. 6l diesel injector cup set 2005 LLY Duramax ZF6 6 speed with 220 000 km 135 000 miles . 1 20 of 38 Posts Apr 18 2013 Well the 2001 to 2004 have the LB7 engine in them. Sep 27 2020 Repair amp Return Service 2001 2004 GM 6. No fuel sending unit in tank defective. In this video we take a look at some LB7 Duramax Trucks we show the different ways to diagnose them in the shop and show some details and things to watch ou On the injector side of things gray white smoke on takeoff is usually the first visual sign of a problem as excessive fuel gets dumped into the cylinders and isn t burned efficiently. 5 2007 Duramax LLY amp LBZ engines. Bosch is the only way to go. Aug 23 2017 2003 Chevy silverado 2500 HD . Balance Rates when checked hot in drive after a hard test drive should indicate bad injectors. There is enough info out there on this that I already know they work things out. . Common symptoms of low fuel rail pressure are the following Low power or engine power reduced message in driver information center DIC Injectors for 6. The ECM did not control the fuel injectors directly although it pulsed a specific injector output for each injector that was hardwired to the fuel injection control module. 3 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty. Head Gaskets nbsp LB7 Many LB7 owners have had injector issues. com was founded in 2006 and created a site which houses some of the best known Duramax tech you can find. 3 340. It takes approximately 4000 PSI of rail pressure to start the engine. A bad dual mass flywheel will cause the engine to shake and feel like a miss. To view this site you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript capable browser. It could also be the tip of a glow plug rattling around in a cylinder. The LB7 fuel filter housings are the most expensive and also the most prone to failure. 5 Diesel or Buy a DS4 Injection Pump for 6. Injector Failure. 6 Duramax Tech Articles LMM 6. Sep 05 2013 This is my first vehicle to be modded beyond simple bolt ons. You can always come back fo r Code P2263 Duramax because we update all the latest coupons and special deals weekly. Anything less will almost certainly result in short term issues with the nbsp What are the symptoms of a bad diesel fuel injector middot Starting issues. My injectors were replaced once at 90 k for bad smoke at idle. 5 07 5. Another symptom of injector failure is extended or a non start when warmed up. Injectors bad. dieselplace. The LB7 Duramax was first introduced for the 2001 model year in the Chevrolet Silverado HD GMC Sierra HD GMC TopKick McDonald explains that one symptom of a cracked injector is excessive white smoke coming from the tailpipe nbsp 14 Aug 2020 All told there are six different iterations of the Duramax LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML and L5P spanning from 2001 to the present day. First of all you need to check something before the injector. lb7 2001 2004 chevy gmc duramax 6. They can leak at the cloth covered rubber return lines at the injectors these lines can only be replaced in sets left and right side they are expensive. In order to meet stricter emissions regulations the LLY replaced the LB7 engine and was the first Duramax to use EGR emissions technology. The amount of smoke kinda looks like what you 39 d see on a 4cyl car when the rings are bad. 6 Diesel Common Issues and Problems. Duramax LBZ Injectors. Symptoms of bad injectors on these would be engine over heating loud knocking noise should sound like a bunch of old typewriters pour acceleration white smoke emitting from the tail pipe. 6. 00 PRODUCT CODE 3081 01 04. Bad hydroboost symptoms duramax The dual fueler option is 00 00 depending on if you choose a kit with or without a pump and whether or not you want a modified CP3 or a stock one. 5 But for some strange reason the 6. com yc5xujty your GM Duramax LB7 LBZ amp LLY diesel engine is showing signs of decreased performance you may have bad or nbsp 10 Jan 2018 Any injectors that are more than 6 are a possible cause for rough run. On these motors the injectors are underneath the valve covers. Nov 12 2018 To promote goodwill and maintain the reputation of the Duramax 6600 GM offered a generous 7 year or 200 000 mile injector replacement warranty to all LB7 owners. will seat the rings with oil and raise compression readings. While some Aug 16 2017 Every model of diesel fuel injectors has its own set of problems and Duramax injectors are no exception. 3 Powerstroke Stock Injectors AD AE 1999 2003 Stock injectors for the 7. com gt Auto Repair gt DIY Auto Repair Mar 8 2018 If the EGR Valve Sticks Open A rough idle upon starting the engine that is when the engine is cold and sometimes at a stop light or while looking for a spot in a parking lot that is at low engine speeds in a warmed up engine . 6l Duramax fuel injector repair experts often point out is air getting stuck in the fuel lines and fuel starvation. I was quoted 6100 to replace them. My fault not driving it enough based on what the Duramax Guru Tony Rizzy told me. 3 amp 6. TorqueMaster S amp S Injector LB7 GM Duramax 6. The injectors seemingly have chronic premature failure which has led to warranty extension and a rush for Bosch to redesign and create better performing aftermarket injectors. I seem to have the symptoms of a bad injector. http www. The LB7 39 s generally have better mpg but are a nightmare to change injectors on. The symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor include a car that is difficult to start bad fuel economy a rough idle lack of power especially when accelerating and sometimes a fuel smell from the exhaust fumes. May 01 2012 Diesel fuel injection systems create a great deal of heat and they rely on unobstructed fuel flow to keep the pump and injectors cool. there was a harness issue on those engines 2 and 7 injector harness open circuit failure. A bad Fuel control Solenoid part of the injection pump can cause the same symptoms and codes. A leaking water pump seal can be the result of a bad head gasket or LB7 injector cup seal leak should compression pressure find its way into the cooling system. And I always overload the front ends. Mar 15 2010 That is with the exception of the LB7 Duramax engines that sometimes suffered from ball seat erosion problems with the early fuel injectors. There is a 2 year unlimited mile warranty on this injector that starts upon the purchase date. Aug 15 2013 No you can have a bad injector and have a balance rate in spec. To help If you have had a bad experience with injectors in the past and are looking for a better warranty then this is the product for you. December 26 2018 Story By Mike McGlothlin As if its class leading horsepower rating of 445hp and 910 lb ft of torque available at a low 1 600 rpm wasn t enough upon its release GM also claimed the L5P made use of the most robust Duramax crankcase ever cast. Signs of bad injectors include . Free online game Play the classic QBasic Gorillas game in Flash in your browser Lbz duramax bad ecm Lbz duramax bad ecm My 2003 is on its 3rd set of injectors at 87 000 miles. were some issues with the new engine and one of the first symptoms exhibited would be a rough idle from the LB7 If one cylinder is contributing too much or not as much as the rest the cause is usually a bad injector and the cure is a replacement. Immediate solution Pull over and turn the truck Off On and resume driving. 6 LLY Duramax allison 5 spd. Find the Duramax CP3 pump you need at Accurate Diesel Simply select the LB7 LLY LBZ or LMM injection pump you need and select a core refund option. 5 GMC Chevrolet injectors UNDER valve cover BOSCH CP3 Fuel system with SOLENOID injectors. The symptoms are constant smoke at idle and gaining fuel in the oil. Apr 23 2011 My next check would be for air in the system as also mentioned above. duramax injector cleaner. The LLY 39 s have easier to swap injectors but some LLY 39 s are overheaters. 2. html 28 Sep 2008 my lb7 has 213k kms 130k miles on it and i think im finally experiencing what i think are injector or pump issues. A bad EGR EGR vent wastegate control and transmission solenoid are on the same quad driver circuit and can cause intermittent stalling. 6L Chevrolet GMC Duramax LGH LML is a toolbox essential for everyone working on Duramax fuel systems. Once a valve is weakened it tends to get worse. Premature injector failure was a critical problem for the 2001 to 2004 model year Duramax LB7. 8 Duramax is about 5k dollars. As far as torque specs I will need pretty much all the torque specs for the LB7 to do the job. I was not ever convinced my nbsp GM 6. U. 2003 XL F 350 CCLB 7. It 39 s a well know problem. Later Duramax models use a hardened ball seat while the LB7 is equipped with a non hardened seat. 3 Powerstroke need to be replaced when worn When you get to the 150 000 mile mark it may be time to think about a injector refresh. Injector Block Off Toolfits2003 2007 5. One of the first symptoms of a potential problem with the fuel rail sensor is hard starting. GM corrected the problem with an updated injector design and even extended the warranty on the new injector design to 7 years 200 000 miles. After stopping for lunch the owner was dismayed to find that his Duramax immediately went into limp mode as the engine started. What actually goes bad with an injector LB7 injectors using Bosch common rail technology operate at very high pressure. 4. Poor quality fuel will cause premature injector failure. Injectors while in Drive with brake pedal pressed are in spec except 4 and 5 are at 6 at times but not constant. It feels like multiple misfires in a row then a couple cylinders firing. Don 39 t blame the vehicle manufacturer for the issue. Lb7 Dead Pedal Lb7 duramax Bosch numbers Synapse synchronic Gmc envoy replacement Distributor eha valve 2005 ford 6 0 gasket 2005 chevy venture Spectre performance 2518 2002 power window Injection problems Ford ranger adjustable Duramax lly sale Honda accord 2000 Bad symptoms 2000 silverado symptoms Filter 2000 Starter 2005 Land rover Alliant Power stock replacement Piezo injector for MaxxForce 7 diesel engines. The solenoid style Bosch units found in the LB7 employed a non hardened internal ball seat to seal the injector. 6L 2006 2007. 0 injectors. How about a little info on leaking injectors on a Duramax. Dec 19 2013 b. 6L LBZ LLY LB7. The only true way to know which are bad would be to pull and send out for testing. PMD Pump Mounted Driver Buy PMD for GM 6. While some Injectors It s hard to have a conversation with any LB7 owner without the topic of injector issues coming up. When the bad injector is blocked off the fuel pressure at the rail will increase and your engine will start. 0 Throwing code PO272 cyl 4 unbalance. E. Symptoms of Leaking Fuel Injectors Hard Starting when engine is hot. 6L V8 Duramax. 39 06 Ford 6. A shop in a nearby town recommended replacing four fuel injectors. I will start by describing as much as i can about the vehicle. While the Duramax block used in the LMM is a highly capable and reliable engine it does suffer some limitations. basically the truck feels like it needs an oil change all the time even right after i changed the oil and fuel filter . Jul 13 2015 Here 39 s a guide to easily distinguish injector health. In 04 with 112 000 had injector failure all 8 replace under extended warranty. NO START 1. Ford 7. 4 and 5 are border line but under 4. If the supply pump recently failed it could damage the injection pump and cause a no start. 5. 1. middot LB7 middot LB7 Trucks came from the factory with a 200K mile 7 year warranty on injectors. 5 6. lb7 duramax bad injector symptoms